Viewing Services

We understand how precious your time is and how it the last thing you need is for your diary to be filled with viewings that may or may not be successful. That’s why at Rentome, we screen perspective tenants on the phone before we invite them to view a property. We understand their needs and requirements and how suited they are to the landed and property in question. As we are conscious o everyones time, if we feel like the tenant is not suitable or the price they are looking to pay does not match the requirements of the landlord, we will advice them elsewhere.

A Rentome agent will attend the viewing alongside the perspective tenant, however we also understand that accepting viewings during working hours is not easy for our landlords or our prospective tenants. Therefore, we offer evening and weekend viewings also. This goes alongside our determination to find you the perfect tenant and not letting the element of time inconvenience  get in the way of that.

Whilst viewing the property we do our utmost to understand what the tenant is looking for, what changes they require and what they are willing to pay for property as it is. This is then relayed to the landlord, who can then determine how realistic this all is alongside how suited the perspective tenant is and what they are willing to spend on fixing up the property to meet the tenants preferences.

Whilst the COVID-19 has not stopped our property viewing services, we are having to work around whatever the latest government guidelines are. We could ask that the property is vacated during the viewing or we may need to provide a virtual viewing.