Property Advertisement

Having the right advertising in place for your rental property is important for more than one reason. It will not only attract interest, but more importantly it will attract the right kind of interest from the right tenant. Making sure all marketing platforms are covered is key to guaranteeing your property is reaching as many appropriate people as possible.

Before beginning to market the property, alongside the Rentome team, you must identify your target tenant. This will be based on the type of property you are renting and whether it will appeal to families, students or professionals. Based on this we will identify unique selling points, such as local schools, parking, a private garden or if the property is furnished or not.

Next, we will help you look into the local rentals of similar properties. This will help in calculating your rental price and whether it is realistic based on the type of market your property will appeal to. Of course, the pricing brackets of property market websites are also an important consideration when it comes to marketing a price.

These days the world is online, especially with regards to marketing and there is no doubt that this applies to the property market. Gone are the days of the need for a high street letting agent, instead, websites such as Rightmove and Zoopla are far more effective.

The Rentome team understands this change in client behaviour and our advertising strategy for your property is reflective of this change. We start by professionally photographing the property and organising a floor plan. Within this we will focus on the unique selling point of the property, in order to ensure that it is portrayed in an appealing light and stands out amongst all the other similar listed properties.

At Rentome, we understand the need for well rounded property advertising and this falls into our management services. We believe successful property advertising is a big part of the long term success of a tenancy agreement.