Full Property Management

Whilst it may seem like a simple process of sourcing tenants, renting out your property and sitting back and receiving rents, the role of the landlord is a complex one. Landlords hold many legal obligations towards their tenant, especially with regards to having the relevant health and safety certifications for their property. They also need to manage any issues with the property that may arise during the course of the tenancy such as unexpected leaks or boiler repairs.

 Our full service property management approach helps landlords stay on top of all things related to their rental property. The service includes: marketing and advertising the property, arranging viewings, arrange referencing for prospective tenants, inventory, drafting tenancy agreements, registering the tenancy deposit, rent collection, regular inspections, management of maintenance, notice processing and deposit dispute handling.

 Taking all these factors into consideration, it becomes clear that property management is not as straightforward as one might expect. The full property management service offered by Rentome, starts with professional photography of your property to make sure that it is marketed in the best possible way. When we source tenants, we are sure to look beyond the surface and take our understanding of the landlord’s requirements to find a tenant who can blend well with them. Our tenant referencing system is a thorough background check into the tenants previous tenancies. We look at factors such as: the stability of their job, on time rent payments and cleanliness. These are all factors that will help prevent issues such as delayed rental payments and damage to the property, later down the line.

Having a professional inventory check also falls within the Rentome full property management service. This assures that both landlord and tenant are on the same page with regards to the condition of the property and will help prevent any issues with rent deduction at the end of the tenancy agreement.

 Throughout our role as management, we will remain in regular contact with both landlord and tenant. We will help guide the landlord towards realistic, affordable repairs, should they be required, whilst making sure the legal requirements towards the tenant are not neglected.