Tenant Referencing

Finding the right tenant is not straightforward, whilst the vast majority of them are reliable and honest, there are some who may cause problems. Such problems can include late or no rent payment at all, damaging the property or disrupting the neighbours. These can create serious problems for the management agency and landlord.

 At Rentome, we carry out rigorous tenant referencing checks to help avoid these problems. The process involves screening and background checks to help the landlord create a more informed decision. It covers credit checks such as bankruptcy, CCJ’s and court decrees as well as employment and bank account verification. It also includes references from previous landlords to better understand the prospective tenants treatment of the property and consistency with rent payments.

On average it takes a landlord 7 months to evict a private tenant as well as the substantial legal fees needed for this process. Therefore, in order to prevent these problems, it is essential to carry out the right checks to make sure you end up with the right tenant. Unfortunately relying on meeting the tenant and forming your own opinion is strongly discouraged as you will place yourself at the risk of a false impression.

The Rentome management team has all the right tools in place for a successful tenant referencing system. Our experience and expertise will help reduce the risk and need for eviction. We offer the landlord peace of mind by removing them from the process and carrying out the checks directly with the tenant and simply providing them with the results.