Tenants Finding

Tenants finding is not just a matter of finding someone who will willing to pay the rent of your property. It requires an interact strategy to help guarantee a good relationship between landlord and tenant throughout the tenancy agreement.

Finding a suitable tenant for your property begins with the right marketing. This involves professional photography of the rental property in order to insure that is marketed in the best possible way, to attract the right tenant. At Rentome, we use websites such as Zoopla and Rightmove to make sure that the property reaches a wide audience and receives a generous amount of inquires

Once we begin welcoming viewings and considering offers, we carry out rigorous tenant referencing checks. This is an extremely important part of letting out your property as it helps create a more informed, fact based decision when considering a tenant. It helps prevents issues such as having a tenant that will consistently delay rent payments, damage the property or disrupt the neighbours.

We also believe that the tenant and landlord must be well suited. We consider any requirements that either party may have and make sure they align with one another. For instance any religious requirements such as not allowing certain pets in the home.

 As a landlord there are many aspects of renting out your property that may be overlooked. Our tenant finding strategy will help give landlords peace of mind that their property is well looked after and rent is paid on time. Rentome takes into account the need for a successful relationship between landlord and tenant throughout the tenancy agreement.