Electrical Safety Certificate

As of July 2020, rental properties in the England are legally required to have an Electrical Installation Condition Report, otherwise known as an EICR. The process of this involves an in-depth inspection of a property’s electrical systems and installations. This is in order to assess and identify the condition of the property’s system and highlight any deterioration that may cause danger. The report involves a thorough inspection of all fixed electrical equipment that are supplied through the property’s electricity metre.

However, simply carrying out the EICR test is not enough, if the engineer believes that any part of your electrical system is unsafe or not fit for purpose, then they will not be able to certify your rental property. Instead they will mark it as ‘unsatisfactory’. Once required changes are made, the engineer will once again examine the property and grant a ‘satisfactory’ report. 

An Electrical Installation Condition Report should be carried out by a registered electrician. At Rentome, we are affiliated with a number of trustworthy electricians who can safely and securely carry out the report on your property.

According to current guidelines, the EICR report lasts for 5 years, however it is recommended that it is renewed at the start of each tenancy. Do not assume that modern installation and wiring is sufficient enough. This does not necessarily mean that it meets the new legal guidelines and as a landlord, you may be liable for an injuries or fires that occur as a result of electrical faults. Property management under Rentome, will give you the peace of mind that your property is safe and legal. Our team are continuously kept up to date with the latest laws and regulations surrounding rental properties, meaning you do not have to.