Photographs and Floorplans

At Rentome we understand the importance of first impressions, especially when it comes to properties on platforms such as Rightmove and Zoopla that are over saturated with options.

Having the right imagery when marketing your property for rent is essential. Tenants more so than buyers, look at the condition of the property and whether they can live in it as it is. Having a professionally created floorpan is also key to helping them visual the space.

Whilst these professional photography of a rental property as well as a professional floorplans have always been important, they are especially important now more than ever. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, potential tenants are less willing to go from viewing to viewing. Instead they are more likely to making well thought through decisions based on photographs. Rather than give a property a chance despite poor quality photographs and the lack of a floorplan.

Rentome provides landlords with access to a selection of affordable professionals. Our photographers are well equipped with the latest equipment and photography techniques to create the best quality images and most engaging photographs. Likewise, our floorpans are drawn up by experienced professionals. The hand sketched floorplans are checked against the photographs and then turned into digital pixels. They provide accurate and detailed information including fixtures and fittings.

Our one stop shop services aim to provide landlords with peace of mind, knowing that we have thought of whatever may skip their mind.


360° Virtual Property Tour, Floor Plan and 3D Dollhouse

Bedrooms 0 – 3

Bedrooms 4 – 5

Floor Plan Creation - On site


30 Mins - Exterior Marketing Photos 12 Images taken with a camera phone. 

30 Mins - Exterior/Interior Marketing Photos 12 Images taken with a camera phone

30 Mins - Exterior/Interior Marketing Photos With Essential Edits 12 Images taken with a camera phone