Inspections are one of the most important factors when renting a property. Within the Rentome management services, we are sure to not overlook the need for it. We understand the difference between making sure the property is well inspected and looked after and at the same time, we understand the need to not harass the tenant with too many inspections.

We strongly believe that there is no need to inspect a property more than once a quarter, unless there are maintenance issues or required repairs. This is because tenants have a right to peach and quiet within their home. We use our inspections to remind tenants of their contractual obligations and highlight any changes or damages to the property, made that are outside the tenancy agreement. This helps prevent issues between the landlord and tenant with regards to deposit deductions at the end of the tenancy agreement.

Regular inspections provide the Rentome team with an idea of how a tenant is treating the property and if there are any maintenance issues that need to be brought to the attention of the landlord. We believe it crucial that both the tenant and landlord understand the need for an inspection both for themselves and each other.

As part of the inspection, we take photographs as evidence, should we find any issues such as rubbish build-up or insufficient clear. We firmly believe that an inspection one month before the end of the tenancy agreement is key to reminding tenants of the inventory check upon their moving in to the property. This helps to make sure that the property is reverted back to its original state at the beginning of the tenancy agreement.

As a landlord there are many aspects of renting out your property that may be overlooked. Our regular inspection strategy will help give landlords peace of mind that their property is well looked after and they are protected against any legal charges associated with negligence. Rentome takes into account the need for a successful relationship between landlord and tenant throughout the tenancy agreement.