Check in and Check out

As a landlord there are many aspects of renting property that need to be considered. Aside from sourcing a tenant and managing the property, it is important that whoever looks after your property, understands the nitty gritty of doing so. At Rentome, our services as a property management agency make sure that all aspects of property management are covered.

It is easy to assume that welcoming a new tenant is as simple as handing over the keys. However, as a full service management, Rentome takes into account the legal and moral obligations of the landlord every step of the way. Building a good relationship with a tenant is at the core of a successful tenancy. Inviting the tenant to attend the inventory process upon check-in is a step in that direction. This is legally beneficial to both the landlord and tenant especially when it comes to check-out and when taking into account a potential deductions to the holding deposit.

As the tenancy agreement comes to an end, the tenants must be given two weeks notice to return the property to its state at check-in. If professional cleaners were employed at check-in, the tenant must arrange for the same standard of cleaning, any changes made to the property without the landlords approval must be reverted and any damages must be repaired. Of course, as the landlord, it is important to understand the difference between general ‘wear and tear’ and damage. Distinguishing between your rights and what is fair as the landlord, is key to avoiding any legal action from your tenant. The Rentome team has a clear understanding of tenancy law and within our capacity as management, we help landlords make this distinction.

Tenant check-in and check-out is often overlooked. However, aspects such as cleanliness, inventory and damages all need to be considered for a successful and fair process. If the tenant fails to return the property in the state it was in upon check-in, then the landlord has the right to deduct from the holding deposit. In order to avoid any conflicts or misrepresentations, as the management agency, we photograph and document all these elements upon check-in.