Boiler Service

Landlords are legally responsible for heating, hot water, gas appliances, pipes and ventilation repairs. Boiler repairs fall into this. As well as annual gas safety checks and certifications, landlords are responsible for annual boiler services. Making sure your property’s boiler is in good working order, especially during the winter months, is important as your tenants must be supplied with central heating and hot water.

Rentome managements helps the landlord stay on top of these obligations, we will help ensure that the boiler is annually serviced.

Should a problem arise with the boiler the landlord is required to take immediate action as a lack of hot water or heating is considered a hazard under the law. Should your tenant suffer from any illnesses or injuries as a result of a failed boiler, the landlord could be legally liable.

Whilst the cost of replacing a faulty boiler is steep, generally there is an option for boiler breakdown cover within the landlord’s home emergency insurance policy.

Maintaining a well functioning boiler is key to renting out a property. Whilst the landlord must act and cover the costs of any required boiler repairs, within their scope as management, the Rentome team will stay on top of service history, as well as make sure the tenants are well informed about the key things of a specific heating system, such as keeping an eye on the pressure or hoe to regular run the heating.

Making sure the radiators are regularly bled and that the boiler is kept in a well ventilated area, are also factors that need to be taken into account before considering investing in a new boiler system.